"Vitality, Energy, Spirit"


C^an Po-Tuan: The 400-Character Treatise on the Golden Elixir

p. 121 "combining the 4 signs"

containing the light of the eyen
freezing the tones of the earth
tuning the breath in the nose
sealing the energy of the tongue

p. 121 "the 3 flowers gathered on the peak"

successive tranformations

p. 122 "the 2 substances in alchemy"

house master
body mind
its viciousness = tiger its wildness = dragon

p. 122 struggles / battles

dragon caelestial soul
tiger earthly soul
sun the vitality
moon the spirit

pp. 122-123 seen in trance

the true __ the inner sense/essence of __
lead real knowledge
quicksilver consciousness

p. 123 mixture of lead & quicksilver in the central chamber

use the __ of __ to __ them
oil non-doing harmonize
uncut jewel namelessness settle

p. 123 real state

breeze ariseth between the eyebrows
moon shineth in the heart
fire burneth in the lower abdomen
cartwheel as midspine
limbs as boulders
pores as having bathed
bones & blood-vessels as in deep sleep
the vitality & the spirit as husband & wife in joyful embrace
the caelestial soul & the earthly soul as mother & child hugging each other

p. 123 forming of the spiritual embryo

The caelestial soul hideth: The earthly soul disappeareth.
The vitality co-agulateth: The spirit congealeth.
The unified mind is flexible: The skin is fresh.
The embryonic energy congealeth: The spiritual infant manifesteth its form.
The mystic jewel taketh shape: The caelestial spirit is imbued with reality.

C^an Po-Tuan: The Secret of Opening the Passes

p. divine place its location in one’s body
131 Ladder up to Heaven spinal cord
Pass of the Jade Pillow the back of the brain
Caelestial Eye space between the eyebrows
Bright Hall space 1 inch inward
Hidden Chamber space 1 inch further in
Nirvana Centre = "upper elixir field" ("repository of the spirit") sphaerical opening 1.3 inches in diametre, 3 inches behind the centre of the eyebrows
Pillar of the Nose = Golden Bridge below the centre of the eyebrows
Magpie Bridge 2 passages [sinuses] inward to the inside of the mouth
Multi-storeyed Tower windpipe, of 12 sections
Crimson Chamber, where the dragon & tigre mate opening below the heart
Earth Pot = Yellow Court = "middle elixir field" 3.6 inches directly below that
Root of Heaven & Earth, where the refined elixir is warmed & developed opening 1.2 inches in diametre, where energy is stored between the left lung & the liver
131-2 (p. 131) Door of Life the umbilical opening, having 7 channels connecting with the genitals. (p. 132:-) "The leaking of sexual energy takes place through these channels."
132 Crescent-Moon Jar = Ocean of Energy behind the navel and in front of the kidneys
Flower Pond = "lower elixir field" ("where vitality is stored, … where the medicine is gathered.") 1.3 inches below that
Lower Bright Hall on the left
Lower Hidden Room on the right

pp. 132-133 visualization of sequential locales of travelling "small snake" (p. 132) [= "true energy"] {cf. Kun.d.alini}

p. location action
132 the arches of the feet rising
the genitalia the 2 streams of energy merge as 1 energy
9 apertures of the coccyx passing through
where the ribs meet the spine going through this pass
Jade Pillow press the tongue against the palate
Nirvana Chamber may feel hot or swollen
Hidden Room to open
Bright Hall also to open
132-3 Caelestial Eye the 18,000 pores & 360 joints explode
133 Golden Bridge descending
Multi-storeyed Tower cool water going down
"return to the root" bathe the internal organs
"returning to life" the complete cycling

Wan C^e: 15 Statements on the Establishment of a Teaching

p. # Statement
136 1st The mind gradually attaineth peace
2nd A globe of light radiateth from within
136 3rd The light of the mind will gradually overflow
4th Energies of the mountains and rivers
137 5th The jewelled palace within the body
6th Harmony of the mind, wisdom, & the will
7th Shut off the 4 gates (eyen, ears, mouth, nose)
138 8th The mind without a trace of thought
9th Tuning a stringed musical instrument
Forging a sword
10th The 5 energies mass in the central chamber
The 3 bases gather on the peak
The blue dragon spouteth red mist
The white tigre speweth black smoke
Myriad spirits stand in rows
The 100 channels flow gently
The cinnabar sand shineth brightly
The lead & quicksilver congeal clearly
11th A bird taking to the sand ["The control of a bird is in energy" (p. 139)]
139 12th "All the holy hosts of heaven silently protect you, the infinite immortal adepts invisibly surround you. Your name is registered in the Violet City, and your rank is among the stages of immortals."
13th "your spirit lives in the homeland of the immortal sages, your essence is in the realm of jadelike purity."
14th "The spiritual body is formless. … Use it, and it penetrates everywhere."
139-40 15th Body = waterlily-root, in the mud Mind = waterlily-blossom, in the air

Stabilization and Observation of Lin-pao (‘Spiritual Jewels) [from the Tun-hsu:an (‘Open Mystery’) section of the Daoist canon]

pp. 150-151 the 7 phases experienced by those who attain the Tao

p. # phase
150 1st "the mind attains stability and easily notices sense influences."
2nd "body and mind become light and fresh."
3rd "they repair unnatural damage and restore their natural life span."
4th Immortals Extend their life-span 10,000s of years.
151 5th Real People Refine their physical bodies into energy.
6th Spiritual People Refine the energy into spirit.
7th Perfected People Refine the spirit to unite with the Tao.

Essential Secrets for Visualization according to the Immortals’ Antient T>ai-c^>in C^in (‘Books of Great Clarity’)

p. location Name of location baby/infant deity Name of infant Style of infant
152 1.3 inches below navel Lower field of cinnabar sitting, facing outward Occult Valley Splendor of Original Creative Energy
heart Crimson Palace scarlet-robed Elixir of the Midnight South Stability of Central Light
1 inch inward from between eyebrows Palace of Bright Halls
to the left Violet Chamber
to the right Crimson Room
above Palace of the Garden of Heaven
2 inches inward from between eyebrows Palace of the Secret Room
1 inch above Palace of Ultimate Reality
153 3 inches inward from between eyebrows Upper field of elixir sitting, dressed in scarlet Imperial Officer Born of the 2nd Mystery Leader of the 3 Bases
Above Sacred Workshop of the Mystic Alchemy
4 inches inward from between eyebrows Palace of Liquid Pearl
1 inch above Palace of the Jade Emperor of Perfect Tranquillity
under nose sitting, in 5-hued robe Where is the Father Extending Vitality with the Mother
"It rides on a cloud up to the point of perfect tranquillity on the top of the head, where it commands the statements of the Jade Scripture of Great Clarity."

p. 154 "This is called the Unity of the Trinity."

C^an San-fen: Commentary on Ancestor Lu:’s 100-Character-Tablet

p. 189 refinement

Refine thy __ And "the __ __" The Original __ __
vitality Tigre hisseth Spirit solidifieth
energy Dragon singeth Energy remaineth safeguarded

p. 190 energies

"practitioners … see the two energies rising and descending in the center of their bodies,
yin and yang pairing in the alchemical crucible.
Suddenly they feel a thread of hot energy in their genitals, rising into the heart. …
Do this until the energy in the elixir field is full, and this forms the Medicinal Spoon, the linkage between the macrocosm and the microcosm."

pp. 190-191 tranquillity, stillness

"Then the body is peaceful in the Middle of Unfathomable Darkness, the mind is clear in the Homeland of Nothing Whatsoever.
… all the body’s nerve channels spontaneously stop. Sun and moon halt, and the stars do not revolve in the sky."

[Is this unfathomable darkness a waking-state trance-aequivalent to that of the transition between the waking-state and the sleeping-state?]

p. 191 movement: light, fire, sounds

"At the Extreme Limit, stillness gives rise to movement. Suddenly there is a point of spiritual light the size of a grain of rice. This is the indication of the production of the medicine.
A blazing light passes through the kidneys like boiling water;
the bladder is like fire burning;
In the belly there are sounds like a roaring gale and pealing thunder. …
When the Root of Heaven appears, it stabilizes the mastery of the mind; help this with the spirit, and the energy is like fire applied to metal, passing up through the coccyx.
Lightly convey the energy, silently raise it, a ball of gentle energy, like the reverberation of thunder,
bringing it up to the center of the brain, whence it spurts out all over the body. …
From the Moon Cave, … when the energy has filled the brain …, there leaks light from the origin of being."

[Is this "spiritual light" either an entry into (during a conscious transition from the waking to the dreaming state) the so-called "light of the path", which is supposed (in Tibetan literature) to be the waking-state trance-aequivalent to the "light of sleep" (which is in turn a diffuse light in the rememberable form of dreamless sleep)?]

p. 191 dew, pearl, elixir

"Then at the Extreme Limit, movement gives rise to yin, which has transformed into a psychic water, like a sweet dew.
Inside one there is the pearl of spiritual awareness, which has settled in the Yellow Courtyard in the center of the self, transmuting mercurial consciousness so that it becomes stable …
Go through … the whole cycle once, … and the elixir will naturally crystallize."

[Is this crystallization an entry into (transition from) the "light of sleep" into the after-death realm?]

p. 191 microcosmic tour of the "unified energy" from the "medicinal spoon"

from within the Extreme Limit (tai-ji) it stirreth the Root of Heaven, passeth the Dark Valley Pass
riseth up through the vertebrae until it reacheth the Pass of the Valley of Heaven.
In the Moon Cave, yin is born, fragrant, sweet delicious;
it goeth down to the Multi-storeyed Tower without stopping. This is called "sweet dew bathing the Polar Mountain."


C^an San-fen : On Human Characters.

pp. 211-212 upright people (as viewed by others)

behavior depretiative interpretation appretiative interpretation
independent, aloof conceited strong
modest conformist in harmony
serene, free lazy at peace
ebullient, spontaneous eccentric masterful
careful, strict haughty rigorous
simple, stable uncultured unspoiled
dutiful, unselfish too conservative uncompromising
transcendent, detached one-sided high-minded
mild, complacent vulgar genteel
pure, uncaerimonious ignorant awakened
unchanged, unbothered strange immortal


Wan Hsien-c^>in: Focusing on Openings

p. opening location
256 Nirvana top of the head
Hall of Brightness beween the eyebrows
Root of the Mountain between the eyen
Tip of the Ruler point of the nose
Yellow Court a point away from the body, in front of the navel
Upper Field centre of head
257 Central Field below heart, above navel
Lower Field = Ocean of Energy lower abdomen, below navel
Welling Spring centre of front part of soles of feet

Yuan-hua-tzu: Northern and Southern Schools

p. 261

School Southern Northern
emphasis on mastery of __ life essence
seeking spirit from the "other" self
effects rapid slow

Ma Ho-yan: Four Steps

p. 265

# practice result
1st nurture energy getting the medicine
2nd solidify spirit crystallizing the elixir
3rd return to emptiness projecting the spirit
4th return to reality refining emptiness


Thomas Cleary (translator): The Taoist Classics, Vol. 3. Shambhala, Boston, 2000. pp. 1-271