Secret of the Golden Flower

p. cap.:v.
279 1:4 Tai-s^an appeared magically to Don-hua
281 2:8 The __ of __ is __
water vitality primal real unity
fire spirit illumination
earth attention chamber of centre = caelestial mind
282 2:11 the higher soul resideth
in the __ during __
eyen day [viz., while awake?]
liver night, during dreams
as __ even so __
282 2:17 scarab-beetle {cf. H^PR} rolling dung-ball concentrating the spirit on the caelestial-mind embryo
284 3:3 embryo forming pearl is produced after 100 days, of true positive energy
287 4:6 the 2 pairs of lights
pair of the __ meaning "__ sun & moon"
eyen external
ears internal
the __ is / becometh __
293 6:4 house built of gold
terrace white jade
rotten things puff of true energy
blood milk
physical body gold & jewels
6:5 setting of the sun setting the foundation
water higher good, the ultimate
movement wood
7 rows of trees 7 openings of "heart"
294 6:6 whole earth jewel ground
golden essence the "gold immortal"
6:7 openness echoes in valley
process is called __
298 8:12 the whole body feeleth wondrously light and buoyant "clouds filling the thousand mountains"
8:13 the channels are stilled, energy stoppeth "the moon steeped in myriad waters"
299 8:14 the caelestial mind first stirreth in midst of utter darkness of the unknown "living midnight"
8:15 ordinarily, the sovereign ruler [thought] is slave of activity "always living with ghosts"
8:16 movement of activity abiding in heaven "the root of heaven"
repose of activity abiding in heaven "the moon cavern"
8:18 raising the caelestial mind up to the chamber of the creative "acting in time"
8:20 one cannot find even one's own body heaven entereth earth
all wonders return to the root "solidifying the spirit in the lair of energy"
300 8:22 naturally buoyant, not expending any strength "settling the spirit in the original emptiness"
8:23 even shadows & echoes have disappeared "hibernating in the lair of energy"
8:30 not a single thought ariseth true mindfulness
caelestial potential is suddenly activated in silent trance "acting without striving"
term definition
300-1 8:31 "midsummer" fire
301 "white snow" true yin within fire
"Midnight" water of water
"sun" single yan in centre of water
8:33 "In the heavens" chamber of the creative
"Roaming and returning to absorb the virtues of the receptive" nurturing the fire
8:34 "bathing" cleaning the mind, washing the thoughts
302 the __ moon is the __ sun
8:47 vitality of the true darkness in the
8:48 white of the light of the true

"Mysteries of the Doctrine of the Golden Flower"

317 "The light you see before your eyes is rat-light …"
"Everyone already has the lamp of the mind, but it is necessary to light it".
319 "The real lifeline is to be sought from within the real."
"the iron pillars of thoughts are deeply rooted … When you see the mind, only then will you find the roots are insubstantial".
320 "What cannot be spoken and cannot be named is the generative energy …"
321 "The true mind has no form : what has form is ultimately illusory."

Thomas Cleary (translator): The Taoist Classics, Vol. 3. Shambhala, Boston, 2000. pp. 273-376 a translation of chapters from the Secret of the Golden Flower