"Immortal Sisters"


pp. 402-433 +Sun Bu-er: 14 Poems

p. Poem title content
402 1st "Gathering the Mind" sweep ocean, stay at door
404 2nd "Nurturing Energy" tongue
405-6 3rd "Carrying out Practice" spirit is frozen
408 4th "Cutting off the Dragon" jade tigre in wind, golden bird in moon
412 5th "Cultivating the Elixir" grain of rice
414-5 6th "Womb Breath" elixir, 3 islands
417 7th "The Convergence and the Fire" pearl containeth images, moon at summit of mountain
418-9 8th "Grafting the Medicine" 1/2 mystic device
422 9th "Refining the Spirit" shut gate of earth, open portals of heaven
424-5 10th "Ingestion of the Medicine" the great forge
426 11th "Abstention from Grain" breakfast of taro, night-food of mushrooms
427 12th "Facing a Wall" ride on violet energy, whistle
429 13th "Protecting the Spirit" blue waterlily, cook marrow of sun & moon
433 14th "Flying" jade girl rideth blue phoinix, gold boy proferreth scarlet peach


pp. 402-433 C^en Yin-nin: Commentary on +Sun Bu-er: 14 Poems

Commentary on "Carrying out Practice"

407 cultivation, according to C^an Po-tuan
manifestation location in body occurrence
nis-vana centre brain breeze ariseth
crimson palace under heart moon is bright
elixir field abdomen burneth with fire
cartwheel midspine
mountain-boulders limbs
light (in active phase) the back go up from coccyx to centre of brain
darkness (in passive phase) the front go down to the ocean of energy
408 references to thunder
author thunder
Lu Yan (lyric on Moon-walking Shrine) __ in the earth trembleth
Lu Yan (100-Character Inscription) Dark and Light alternate, everywhere producing a peal of __
S^ao Kan-jie Suddenly at midnight, a peal of __; 10,000 doors, 1,000 gates open one after another.
real human Z^on-li When the adept gathereth primal energy, it __eth all night.
teacher Pen of the Crane Forest When people know the 9-flowered heaven above, all night wind and __ shake the myriad mountains.
the author (C^en Yin-nin) When the energy cometh, … the sound of wind is heard in the ears, there is a trembling …, there is a flash of light in the eyen.

p. 411 Commentary on "Cutting off the Dragon" (for women only)

when alchemical energy __ the __ magpie bridge one senseth / feeleth a __
reacheth upper (from middle of forehead to base of nose) halo of light flashing between the eyebrows
riseth from lower (between base of spine & perineum) warm energy steaming up from lower abdomen
passed both return to yellow court (centre of torso) = earth furnace

Commentary on "Grafting the Medicine"

419 the 5 classes of Immortals
"__ Immortals" limitations capacities
Ghost remain ghosts able to communicate spiritually and subsist for a long time
Human remain human; eat, drink, and dress evade calamities of aging, sickness, and death
Earth remain on earth are not affected by cold nor heat, hunger nor thirst; evade the bother of food, clothing, & shelter
Spiritual can dissolve into energy or solidify into form
Caelestial go to another world unimaginable by ordinary intellect
420 authorities on "refining the body with real emptiness"
author technique
the author (C^en Yin-nin) "a point of positive energy, like a drop of dew, … would spontaneously appear in the great void and enter their bellies, passing into the spine and rising up to the center of the brain; there it would turn into sweet rain and shower the internal organs … to change their bodies into masses of pure light."
(Song of the True Way Destroying Confusion) After "a hundred days, your blood will turn into oil, and your body will be like silver."
Emerald Void "Permeating the body is golden light, the marrow of the bones is fragrant. With gold sinews and jade bones, one is pure creative energy. Refine the blood to make it flow white."
master Qiu of the Aeternal Spring "change your body so that in it jade liquid will flow."
421 6 methods of refining the body
# with __
1st jade liquid
2nd gold liquid
3rd praedominance of yin
4th praedominance of yan
5th inner observation
6th true emptiness

Commentary on "Refining the Spirit"

p. author technique
423 Hon Jiao-cui of the Dragon Gate (Song of the Gold Pill) "Ten thousand horses rush … in full gallop, shooting stars and flashing lightning burn".
423-4 Lu Yan "Thunder in the earth vibrating, there is rain on the mountain; it is necessary to wash the yellow sprouts emerging from the earth."

Commentary on "Projecting the Spirit"

p. author technique
430 Old Man of the Blue Flower "A foresign of the emergence of the light spirit from its encasing is when there is light pouring out of your umbilical region, and fragrance spontaneously issuing from your nose and mouth. After emergence, a gold light shoots …; a peal of thunder, gold and fire flow into each other, and the light spirit has emerged from the brain."
431 "When the spirit is projected too soon, before it is purged of mundane shadows, it is called the dark spirit. … it cannot break through the Celestial Pass, and therefore goes off on the side roads … through the … alleys, to the rivers and up the mountains. It can only take form, it cannot multiply form; it can only travel in the human realm, it cannot fly and transmute."
projections of the spirit
432 projector form of projected spirit
master Liu = Real Human like unto the Moon in the Ocean white vapor
root-teacher Wan of West Mountain flowering tree
master Ma = Real Human of the Cinnabar Sun thunder
Immortal Sister +Sun the Peerless = +Great Leader fragrant breeze
projector technique
master Lan of sacred mountain Nan-yue = Professor Who Nurtured the Elemental "with a clap of the hands and a great laugh"
master Qiu = Real Human of the Aeternal Spring "three times it struck through the top of his head"


pp. 434-441 +Sun Bu-er: The Secret Texts

pp. 400-401 divine sources of the 3 "secret texts"

p. text deity imparting this scripture
400 True Scripture on Inner Nourishment of the Embryonic Basis of Jadelike Purity Real Leader of the Original Terrace of the Jewel Spirit
Unexcelled True Scripture of Inner Experiences of Jadelike Purity Caelestial Mother of Violet Light, the Great Saintly Empress of the True Caelestial Original Heaven of the Universal Network
401 Pretious Treatise on Praeservation of Unity on the Great Way = Mind Mirror of the Mystic Pearl Realized One of Mt. Hen

Unexcelled True Scripture of Inner Experiences of Jadelike Purity

p. how, in the occult space of the real heaven of great purity, the Primal Ultimately Real Sacred One produced life
434 separated energy of __ to make color of __ essence of the __ which in humans was __ and the __
9 wood east liver higher soul
7 metal west lungs lower soul
3 fire south heart spirit
5 water north kidneys sexual fluid
435 the Primal Revered Real One
emanated light from __ to illuminate __
7 openings 12,000 heavens & 10,000 kot.i worlds

True Scripture on Inner Nourishment of the Embryonic Basis of Jadelike Purity

p. said by the High Lord of the Original Beginning, to the Great Exalted One:-
people __
437 covetting name & gain "are attached to decorated corpses, … turning into coffinfulls of earth."
438 of lesser quality evade emotion & desire, name & gain
of middling quality extend their years
of highest quality produce a body of light, living in the heaven of purity, with immeasurable life-span

Pretious Treatise on Praeservation of Unity on the Great Way

440 "The One is the root of the Tao."
"Attaining the basis of the One is the mind seal of the Great Exalted One."
441 "... just preserve open selflessness, and your spirit and body will naturally endure forever with the Tao."


pp. 445-446 Poe:ms by +Wu Cai-luan

445 "My mind is like a jade jar of ice".
"Let the ox and horse be called." [note on p. 446 -- "The ox and horse are are the ox-head and horse-face wardens of the underworld".]
446 "the polar mountain fits into a mustard-seed."


pp. 447-450 Poe:ms by +Fan Yun-qiao

p. #
447 1 jade pond reflecting the moon
447-8 2 do transform corralled animals into heavenly wind
448 3 do lead the iron ox
449 4 wishing-jewels & relics
5 do "produce A sun within the moon, The black dragon spews forth The luminous pearl."
449-50 6 In rowing a boats oars thither, "The weak water of the Isle of Immortals Will not fail to buoy you up."


pp. 451-454 Poe:ms by +Cui S^ao-xuan

451 "congeal the jade broth, … Grab the golden wave."
"Turn the waterwheel nine times, …
452 The three flowers offer forth A little spirit immortal."
"I feed the rabbit so thin: Spiritual mushrooms pop up"
"A heaven in the earth"
453 "The bloom of the apricot blossom"
454 "The mystic jewel Is only in our hearts."


pp. 457-460 Poe:ms by +Z^ou Xuan-jin = Free Human of Mystic Peace

457 "The tiger runs, the dragon flies"
458 "The yang light … To crystallize the great restorative."
"Fish and dragons are lively While the waves are still"
459 "I am like a despoiled virgin"
"In the moon cave; Capture the dragon, bind the tiger"


pp. 469-474 +Cao Z^en-jie: Spiritual Alchemy for Women

469 "Spirit is essence; energy is life."
470 "The root of essence is rooted in the mind; the stem of life stems from breathing."
"Knowing the white, keep the black; illumination of spirit will come of itself."
""The winter solstice is midnight, where you find the celestial mind has no change, where creative energy first stirs, before myriad things are born." This is what is referred to in alchemical texts as Living Midnight."
471 "… the southwest: It is known as "the region where the medicine is produced," "the land of primordial nondifferentiation," and "the opening of the Mysterious Female.""
in his Secret of Feminine Alchemy, Liu I-min saith:- "The principle for men is refinement of energy, the expedient for women is refinement of the body."
472 "women feel there is energy in the opening between the breasts that … divides and goes into the breasts, right through to the nipples, which then erect."
"The white clouds pay court to the palace on high, ambrosia pours on the polar mountain."
473 "At this time the positive energy goes all the way to heaven, in the form of a … flaming wind. Quickly gather it up and send it to the central chamber, in the center of the torso."
"Unconscious like a drunkard all day long, ... just keep ‘the spring within the hollow.’" {cf. at Ankura (Pausanias, Guide to Hellas 1.4.5) mixed wine in the well ... by the Phrugian Midas, according to Theopompos, when he desired to catch Seilenos by making him inebriated (Athenaios, Deipnosophistai 2.45c)} (S)
"... the body ... turns into a mass of pure positive gold." {cf. Midas}


S =


Thomas Cleary (translator): The Taoist Classics, Vol. 3. Shambhala, Boston, 2000. pp. 377-474