"'Taoism ... of the Six Dynasties Period".

p. 273 results of repeated evil actions, according to the Yao-hsiu K>o-i C^ieh-lu: C^>ao ("Extract of the Most Important Ritual Rules and Prohibitions") (= TT 204-7) 12:10a-b

offenses result specifically
120 fall ill
180 deficiency not succeed in raising domestic animals
190 heedlessness catch an epidemic disease
530 small evil have one's children born dead
720 great evil have no sons, but many daughters
820 misfortune blindness or deafness
1,080 calamity die a violent death
1,600 disaster have no descendants
1,800 catastrophe misfortune will spread to 5 generations

p. 274 results of repeated good actions

good works result
300 become Earthly Immortal
1,200 become Heavenly Imortal

divine numerics

p. quantity entity specified
277 55,555 myriad in the Palace of Purple Tenuity: "divine officials, all made from Breaths, all spontaneously born, all clad in winged vestments of green feathers." [name translated "Palace of Purple Fragility" on p. 434]
81 levels of the heavens
279 36,000 gods within the body
deities in __ (organ of body) : their nature
4 liver
6 lungs : guardians of the bridge with 12 spans (trachea)
12 trachea : Perfect Men Gate-Keepers (who control breath)
5 spleen
7 kidneys : guard the Side-Gate of the Jade Barrier
1 heart : Lord Male, Director of Destiny for the Middle Section
280 1 nose
below nose : Old Lord of the 3 Simplenesses
2 nostrils : Immortals (each with 6 attendants)

p. 281 deities within, according to the S^an-c^>in Hsien-fu C^>iun-lin C^in ("Book of the Red Jade Forest of the Service of Immortals of Great Purity") (= TT 1050) 1a

in __ is __
Heaven the Mysterious One of the Great Yan = "the Moving Pearl"
the Great Gulf of the North Pole "the One"
front of middle level "the Hall of Government"
lower level "the Scarlet Palace"
upper level "the Flowered Canopy with its Jade Pavilion" of 10,000 levels

p. 281 locations of divinities, according to the T>ai-s^an Lao-c^u:n C^un-c^in 1-2b

deity is "original Breath of the __" dwelleth in the __ in humans is at __ ruler of divine country __
1 Tun-wan-kun ('East King Lord') Green Yan East at summit of skull P>en-lai
2b +Hsi-wan-mu ('West Queen Mother') Great Yin Flowered Canopy Scarlet Palace (heart) mt. K>un-lun

pp. 282-283 as seen by interior vision: statures & clothing of deities in sites of the body

p. site deity: __ inches tall clad in: __
282 hair 2 grey
skin 1.5 yellow
282-3 eyen 3.5 5 colors
283 nose 2 green, yellow, & white
tongue 7 red
brain 1 white
marrow 5 white
spine 3.5 white

p. 283 "nose" should be, according to Maspero, "pituitary" (which is green, yellow, & white) {with "five colors" for clothes of god of eyen, cf. "iris" 'rainbow'}

domestic rite-of-passage caerimonies, according to the Caelestial Masters

p. for a boy for a girl
290 c^>u-s^ih ('banquet'), at birth
offered to __ members 10 5
gifts to Instructor 100 sheets of writing-paper, 2 writing-brushes, cake of ink, ink-scraper mat, waste-basket, broom
s^en of wine, per person superior = 5 middling = 4
291 hsin-c^>u ('perform the kitchen'), at marriage giving diluted wine, from t>ien-c^>u ('Heavenly Kitchen'), of tou (= 10 s^en) of water per s^en of wine {cf. water for wine at marriage in Kana (John 2:6-9)} throwing rice, which is thereby caerimonially "transformed into cinnabar dust."

p. 291 at the marriage-caerimony, "Preserved meat is carved for eating: it is, they say, preserved unicorn". {Praeserved how? If in vinegar, cf. the vinegar offered (Matthew 27:48) in a sponge to Christ, where the "gall" may repraesent the gallbladder of a re>m unicorn/giraffe.}

p. 295 spirits of heaven who are invited to the Fast of the Yellow Talisman (according to the Wu-s^an Pi-yao 54)

group of heavenly spirits that group’s duty
Caelestial Immortal horsemen & soldiers numbering 900,000 myriads : come watch the Fast
Terrestrial Immortals
Flying Immortals
Perfect Men
Divine men
horsemen & soldiers in the Palaces of :- Sun & Moon, the Planets, the 3 Rivers & 4 Seas, the 5 Peaks & 4 Rivers
36 Golden Youths tend the incense
36 Jade Maidens cast flowers
those who transmit utterances come also
those who write requaests
"officers riding the dragons of the postal service who carry official dispatches" in the caelestial world

p. 295 purpose of the caerimony as explained to the spirits of the 10 directions :

"my fellow believer (t’ung-hsin) saves his male and female ancestors of nine generations, their dead souls which are in the Jade Coffer of the Nine Darknesses," in the Domain of Aeternal Night

p. 297 prostrations in the Fast of the Yellow Talisman (according to the Wu-s^an Pi-yao 54)

directional prostrations
direction prostrations
south 30
west 70
north 50
[east]  ?
other prostrations
for __ prostrations
Palace of the Sun 30
Palace of the Moon 70
Constellations 365
the 5 Peaks 20 each
World of the Waters 120
the 3 Jewels (the Tao, Sacred Books, Community of the Faithful) 360

p. 297 ascension to heaven of past generations of one's ancestors

souls (hun) of __ past generations of ancestors exit into __
9 out of the Darkness of Aeternal Night Luminous Heaven
7 by means of the Principle of Life of Spontaneity as Immortals, the Palace of the Southern Summit

process of immortalization within this Palace of the Southern Summit

p. 297 In this paradise there gusheth forth, "in the middle of the courtyard, a spring of liquid fire; the souls bathe in it," their substance melteth into it, "and when they emerge", the Caelestial Venerable of the Original Beginning createth for them a "body of life." '' IVO-W, p. 160: "in the Second Heaven in Adamna`n, the souls of the righteous are purified in a fiery stream." IVO-W, p. 102: "At the gate of the Second Heaven ... Before the door is a fiery river. Abersetus is the angel who ... In it ... washes the souls of the saints ... There, too, is a pleasant spring; it cleanses the just".


IVO-W = St. John D. Seymour: Irish Visions of the Other-World. London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1930.

Henry Maspero (translated from the French by Frank A. Kierman, Jr.): Taoism and Chinese Religion. U. of MA Pr, Amherst, 1981. pp. 263-298