"Individual Religious Life and the Search for Immortality"

p. 315 collections of excerpts, made in the T>an dynasty

text chapters TT
'' Wu-s`an Pi-yao ("The Most Important Things There Are in the Secret Books of the Tao Which Hath No Superior") 100 768-79
'' San-tun C^u-nan ("The Bag of Pearls of the 3 Depths") 10 780-82

Ta-tun ("Great Depth") [viz., S`an-c^in] canon

p. text TT
316 '' Huan-t>in Yu:-c^in ("Jade Book of the Yellow Court") 168
317, fn. 17 '' Huan-t>in Wai-c^in ("Exoteric Book of the Yellow Court")  ?
'' Huan-t>in Nei-c^in ("Esoteric Book of the Yellow Court") 328
316-7 '' Ta-tun Yu:-c^in ("Jade Book of the Great Depth") 18
317, fn. 17 '' Ta-tun C^en-c^in ("Genuine Book of the Great Depth") 16-17
317 '' Ta-yu Miao-c^in ("Marvelous Book of the Ta-yu [Heaven]") 1026
'' C^>i-c^uan C^>i-pien Tun-c^in ("Profound Book of the 7 Transformations & the 7 Changes") 1030
'' C^in-c^>u:eh Ti-c^u:n San-yu:an C^en-yi C^in ("Book of the 3 Original Genuine Ones, by the Imperial Lord of the Golden Portico") 876
'' San-t>ien C^en-fa C^in ("Book of the Correct Law in the 3 Heavens") 876

p. 327 of the Upper Cinnabar Field, the 9 Palaces which "are arranged horizontally from the front to the back of the head, in two stages, five cubicles below, four above" (the 1st cubicle in the row of 5 is the sole entry to this complex of 9)

location __ Kun __ Palace
below, at the entry Min-t>an Government-Hall
behind it Tun-fan Arcane Chamber
behind that Ni-huan Cinnabar Field
behind that Liu-c^u "Moving Pearl" (i.e., quicksilver)
at the rear Yu:-ti Jade Emperor
above, in front T>ien-t>in Caelestial Court
behind it T>ai-c^i C^en Great-Pinnacle Reality
behind that, which is just above the Cinnabar-Field Palace Hsu:an-tan Mysterious Cinnabar
at the rear T>ai-huan Great Majesty

p. 327 further divine aedifices

in thorax
aedifice location
Little Gate of Storeys trachea
Hall of Government [lungs?]
Palace of the Moving Pearl heart
Cinnabar Field 3" inward
in abdomen
Hall of Government spleen
Cinnabar Field 3" below navel

p. 328 pavilions

reference meaning of book's name cubicle (Palace) to its right to its left
'' T>ai-s^an Su-lin Tun-yu:an Ta-tu Miao-c^in (TT 1026) 16a-17a Very-High Transcendent-Simpleness Great-Being Arcanic-Original Marvellous-Book entry to Upper Cinnabar Field Huan-c^u:eh ("Yellow Portico") C^ian-t>ai ("Scarlet Terrace")
'' Huan-t>in Nei-c^in C^en-c^in (TT 190), sect. 6 below:- Hua-kai ("Flowered Canopy") = eyebrows Hao-c^>in Fu ('White Purity Hall') C^>in-fan ("Green Chamber")
behind:- Purple Chamber = Arcane Chamber Hsu:an-c^in S^e ('Mysterious Essence Dwelling') Yu-c^>u:eh ("Dark Portico")
'' Ten-c^en Yin-c^u:eh (TT 193) cap. 1, 11a Secret Formula for Raising One's Self to the Position of a Perfect not the Hall of Government Huan-c^u:eh ("Yellow Portico") Tzu-hu ("Purple Entry")

The party-wall with the Purple Chamber (imperial audience-hall) is the C^in-t>an Yu:-c^>en ("Golden Hall's Jade Wall"), the imperial residence.

Of the 9 Palaces, the 3 outer, known as the Huan-t>in ("Yellow Court"), constitute the peculiar ensemble for audience-and-receptions; whereas "The six other Palaces are inaccessible to other gods, spirits, and transcendent beings of the body."

p. 329 other divine dwellings

reference structure identity location
'' T>ai-s^an Tun-fan Nei-c^in C^u (TT 59) 1a-2b; Ta-tun Yu:-c^in (TT 16), cap. 1 Hou-hu (Little Back-Gate) hollow at nape of neck crosseth the "Jade Bone of the Cross-beam"
'' T>ai-s^an Huan-t>in C^un-c^in C^in 10a Transcendent Terrace heart below the Flowered Canopy (lungs)
C^in-s^e (Golden Dwelling) not far from navel
Yin-c^>en (Silver City)
C^u-lou (Vermilion Tower)
Huan-t>in Nei-c^in Yu:-c^in C^>an-c^>en (Great Wall) middle of belly
ibid. Yu-c^>u:eh (Dark Portico) communicating with ears space between the kidneys
'' Lao-tzu C^un-c^in, cap. 1 Ta-hai (Ocean) divine tortoise who exhaleth Original Breath Jo-s^ui ("weak water" = bladder)

p. 331 times required to become an immortal, in terms of reversions of cinnabar

reversions time required
1 3 years
2 2 y.
3 1 y.
4 1/2 y.
5 100 days
6 40 d.
7 30 d.
8 10 d.
9 3 d.

{the Son of Man must have used 9 reversions, for he required only "three days and three nights in the heart of the earth" (Matthew 12:40)}

p. 332 the 3 worms (according to the Tzu-yan C^en-jen Nei-c^uan 4a, and the Tai-s^an San-s^ih C^un-c^in in the Yu:n-c^i C^>i-c^>ien cap. 81, 13a-14b)

# "Worm" in "__ Palace" aetiology of __ (ailment)
1st C^>in-ku ("Old Blue") Ni-huan (upper Cinnabar Field) blindness, deafness, baldness, tooth-loss
2nd Pai-ku ("White Maiden") C^ian-kun (middle Cinnabar Field) heart-palpitations, asthma
3rd Hsu:eh-s^ih ("Bloody Corpse") (lower Cinnabar Field) bone-drying, skin-withering, rheumatism

recipes for killing the 3 Worms

p. authority quality ingredients
336 C^ou Yi-s^an, in the TCNC (TT 152) 4b 5 ounces aconite
7/10 bushel hemp-seed
6 ounces rehmannia glutinosa
7 inches xanthoxylum root
7 ounces smilax
4 ounces cinnamon
5 ounces agaric
1 rattan root
337 Sun Ssu-mo, in the Sun C^en-jen Pei-c^i C^>ien-c^in Yao-fan (TT 818), cap. 82, 10b 2/10 bushel sumac
6 ounces dried rhubarb
3/10 bushel turnip seed

transformations of body-parts of Lao-tzu, according to the T>ai-s^an Lao-c^un Tsao-li T>ien-ti C^>u-c^i ("First Remembrance of the Creation of Heaven and Earth by the Very High Old Lord"), cited in the Kuan Hun-min C^i, cap. 19

p. body-part of Lao-c^un became __
340 left eye sun
right eye moon
head mt. K>un-lun
beard {cf. tresses of divine beard in Zohar} planets and heavenly mansions
bones dragons
flesh 4-footed animals
intestines serpents
belly sea
fingers 5 peaks {cf. fingers as mountains in Monkey}
hairs trees & grasses
heart [the constellation] Flowery Canopy
2 kidneys, "uniting became the "Father and the Mother of the Real", C^en-yao Fu-mu
340, fn. 59 liver [the constellation] C^>in-ti-kun ('Green-Lord's Palace')
lungs [the constellation] Tzu-wei-kun ('Purple-Tenuity Palace')

upside-down constellation-hero

p. 340, fn. 59 Lao-jun was thus upside-down, having been "thrown from Heaven to Earth head down". "it was agreed that Tri-s`anku, an immortal, should hang with his head downwards, and shine among some stars newly called into being by Vis`vamitra." (according to the Rama-ayana -- S)


S =

p. 340 body-parts of P>an-ku, according to S^u-yi ("Marvelous Tales") by Jen Fan

head the 4 Peaks
eyen sun & moon
fat rivers & seas
hair & beard grasses & trees
the 4 Peaks
head Eastern
belly Central
left arm Southern
right arm Northern
feet Western
tears rivers
breath wind
voice thunder
pupil of eyen light

circulation of the breath, according to the Huan-t>in C^in (Yellow Court Book)

p. topography identity
341 Long Valley nose
Dark District kidneys
Suburbs 5 viscera
Countryside 6 receptacles
Kuan-yu:an ('Barrier's Origin') "double door which is closed with a key and guarded by the gods of the spleen, both clad in red."
342 C^>i-hai ('Breath's Ocean') 3 inches below the navel
Palace brain

pp. 346-347 the 30 deities within the body, according to the Ta-tun C^en-c^in, in Wu-s^an Pi-yao, cap. 5, 12b-14b

the divinity of the __ hath for sobriquet __ meaning
hair Hsu:n-c^ih Unfolded
2 eyen Yin-min Abundant Light
top of head Tun-wan-fu East King Father
entryways of the neck-nape Lord of the ni-huan
space between eyebrows Yu:an-kuan Original Briliance
2 ears C^iao-nu:
central T>ai-yi Great One
nostrils T>un-lu Hut for Communication
interior of mouth Tan-c^u Cinnabar Pearl
s^an-yu:an ("upper original") Wei-c^>en Majestic Achievement
c^un-yu:an ("middle original") Huan-tzu Yellowness-Master
hsia-yu:an ("lower original") Min-kuan-tzu Flash-of-Fate Master

p. 348 the 3 series of 8 gods each, according to the (Tun-c^en) Tsao-hsin Tzu-yu:an Erh-s^ih-ssu ("Book of the 24 Original-Purple Gods Who Create the Body"), in Wu-s^an Pi-yao, cap. 5, 8a-b

group # deity sobriquet of the __
1st 1st C^u:eh-yu:an ('Awakened Original') Tao-tu ('Way Metropolis') brain
2nd Hsu:an-wen-hua ('Mysterious-Signs Flower'} Tao-hsin ('Way's Conduct') hair
3rd T>un-c^un ('All Communicate') Tao-lien ('Way's Bond') skin
4th Hsu:-c^ien-s^en ("Inspector of the Void") Tao-t>un ('Way's Adolescent [/ Pupil, fn. 79]') eyen
5th Lin-mo-kai ('Transcendent-Counsels Canopy') Tao-c^ou ('Way's Circuit') nape of the neck
6th Kai-li-fu ('Canopy's Support') Tao-c^u ('Way's Column') vertebral column
7th nose
8th tongue
2nd 1st throat
2nd heart
3rd liver
4th gallbladder
5th left kidney
6th right kidney
7th spleen
8th stomach
3rd 1st c^>iun-c^>an
2nd large intestine
3rd small intestine
4th bladder
5th diaphragm
6th flanks
7th left testicle (or ovary)
8th right testicle (or ovary)

p. 349 deity-groups of body-parts, according to the Ta-tun C^en-c^in (Great Arcana Genuine Book), in WS^PY, cap. 5, 12b-15a

# of deities in group name of group of deities meaning of name function of deities location
6 S^an-yu:an Su-yu:-c^u:n Higher-Originals Simplicity Jade Lords guard the 12-span bridge lungs
12 T>in-c^an C^en-jen Gate-Keeper Perfect-Men praeside "over the rising and falling of the breath" trachea
1 T>ien-c^in Yi-c^u:n Caelestial-Essence Fluid's Lord guardeth the "openings in the four extremities of the chest." above the dent in the heart
5 Yan-kuan-c^u:n Clarity-Nourishing Lords "guard the Entryway at the root of the throat." spleen
4 C^>in-min-c^u:n Green-Light Lords "guard the Entryway to the hollow of the Stomach underneath the diaphragm" liver
7 "guard the Entryway of the Jade Barrier of the bottom bone in the back." the 2 kidneys
2 "guard the pylorus" stomach
8 gallbladder

deities in architectural structures in the 9 Palaces of the body

p. authority deity structure nature
349 '' T>ai-s^an Tun-fan Nei-c^in C^u (TT 59) C^>in-t>un ('Green Youth') Green Judgement-Hall left eye
+Pai-su Yu:-Nu: ('White-Simplicity Jade-Girl') White-Purity Judgement-Hall right eye
350 '' T>ai-s^an Tao-c^u:n S^ou-yu:an-tan S^an-c^in (Very-High Way-Lord Original-Cinnabar-Guard Supreme-Book), in T>ai-s^an Su-lin Tun-yu:an Ta-yu Miao-c^in 12b-22a Min-t>un C^en-c^u:n ('Genuine-Young Light-Lord') to the left in the Palace of the Hall of Government newborn infants, blue-gown-clad, red-jade bells from belts, holding in mouth mirror of red jade
Hsu:an-yan ('Mysterious Yan')
S^ao-c^>in ('Little Green')
+Min-nu: C^en-kuan ('Light-Daughter Genuine-Official') to the right in the Palace of the Hall of Government
+Wei-yin ('Subtle Yin')
+S^ao-yu:an ('Little Original')
Min-c^ien S^en-c^u:n ('Light-Mirror Divine-Lord') in the middle of the Palace of the Hall of Government
C^ao-c^in ('Resplendent Essence')
Ssu-min ('4 Lights')
'' T>ai-s^an T>un-fan Nei-c^in C^u (TT 59) 2b-3b Wu-yin-c^u:n ('Unpraecedented Lord') to the left in the Arcane Chamber flowered-purple capped, golden bells from belts, dragon-embroidered robes
Pai-yu:an-c^u:n ('White Original Lord') to the right in the Arcane Chamber
Huan-lao-c^u:n ('Yellow Old Lord') in the middle in the Arcane Chamber
Ssu-min ('Director of Destiny') Palace of the Moving Pearl
T>ai-c^i-c^>in ('Great Summit Minister')
351 Upper One: C^>ih-tzu Ti-c^u:n ('Newborn Imperial-Lord') {cf. 'Newborn Thunderbolt' in Popol Vuh} Ni-huan Palace
Middle One: C^en-jen ('Perfect Man') Scarlet Palace
Lower One: Yin-erh ('Baby') Lower Cinnabar Field
'' T>ai-s^an Tao-c^u:n S^ou-yu:an-tan S^an-c^in (Very-High Way-Lord Original-Cinnabar-Guard Supreme-Book), in T>ai-s^an Su-lin Tun-yu:an Ta-yu Miao-c^in 12a & 31b & 35b Great Real = Perfect Man Great One = Real Lord Great One, who hath "no assistants" {cf. "no associates" with >al-Lahh, according to Qur>an} Hsu:an-tan Kun ('Mysterious-Cinnabar Palace') on golden throne, from belt a substanceless bell of red light emitting a sound "heard for 10,000 leagues" {cf. divine light as sound in Radha Swami}
divine Mother of Jade Purity Palace of the Jade Emperor
Real Mother of Superior Purity Palace of the Heavenly Court
Queen of the Emperor of the Great Absolute Palace of the Great Summit
351-2 Very High Empress Palace of the Great Majestic

p. 352 "The Palaces of the Female One exist in men;

as do the Palaces of the Male One even in women."

pp. 352-354 commentary, citing the words of C^>in-t>un-c^u:n ("Green-Adolescent Lord" {= >al-H^id.r "the Green"}), on the T>ai-s^an San-t>ien C^en-fa C^in (Very-High Three-Heavens Correct-Law Book) (= TT 876), composed [in heaven] by C^>in-hsu: Hsiao-yu-t>ien T>ien-wan (Pure-Vacuity Small-Beings-Heaven Caelestial-King'), 1a-2b

__ Heaven is that of the __-c^>i ('__ Breath')
p. 353, fn. 92 Pure Tenuity S^ih (Beginning)
p. 353, fn. 93 Yu:-yu: Yu:an (Original)
p. 353, fn. 94 Great Red Hsu:an (Mysterious)
[p. 353 the +San-yu:an Fu-jen ('3-Originals Princesses') {the naming of male deities after their mothers is also Bodish & Hawai>ian} p. 353, fn. 95 according to the T>ai-su San-yu:an C^u:n (Great Simpleness 3-Original Ladies) 5b, these 3 Ladies were daughters of Great Simpleness Princess.]
p. 353, fn. 95 +__-su Yu:an-c^u:n ('__ Simpleness Lady') was mother of __-__-c^u:n ('__ __ Lord')
Pai ('White'} Pai-yu:an ('White Original')
Huan ('Yellow') Huan-lao ('Yellow Old')
Tzu ('Purple') Wu-yin ('None [More] Brilliant')
p. 353, fn. 96 in the Chamber-of-Profundity Palace
3,000 __-__ ('__ __') Yu:-__ ('Jade __')
C^in-c^>en(?) ('Golden Dawn(?)') -t>un ('Adolescents')
Hsi-hua ('Western Flowering') -nu: ('Maidens')
p. 354 in the Yu:-tien (‘Jade Hall’) of the C^>iun-kun (‘Red Jade Palace’)
T>ai-s^an Ta-tao-c^u:n (‘Very High Lords of the Great Tao’) each in the 8 Regions : totalling 24 Yu:-huan C^ih C^u:n (‘Lord Jade Majesties’)

p. 354 the ‘Heavenly King of the Original Beginning’ was entitled T>ien-tsun ‘Caelestial Venerable’ in the Yu:an-s^ih Wu-lian Tu-jen S^an-p>in Miao-c^in (‘Marvellous Book of the Highest Degree for the Salvation of Innumerable Men, by the Original Beginning’) (= TT 1-15)

pp. 356 -358 lists of deities [f.n. = family name; s. = sobriquet]

p. authority deity titles description
356 '' T>ai-s^an Lao-c^u:n C^u-kun Yu:-li (‘Very-High Old-Lord Pearl-Palace Jade-List’) (= TT 239) [cf. YCCC, cap. 18-19] (listing 55 deities) T>ai-yi (‘Great One’) Father of the Tao; Yu:an-c^>i (‘Original Breath’) human-headed 5-colored cock, wearing dark-yellow garment of pearls
Wu-c^I T>ai-s^an Yu:an-c^u:n (‘Not-Limited Very-High Original-Sovereign’) Tao-c^u:n (‘Way-Sovereign’); son of the Great One 9-headed (or 9 men), all clad in garments of 5-colored pearls, wearing headdresses of the 9 Virtues
Tun-wan-fu (‘East-King-Father’) Original Breath of Green Yan f.n. Wu-wei (‘Non-Action’); s. C^u:n-c^ieh (‘Sovereign-Deliverance’) clad in garment of 5-colored pearls, wearing 3-seamed cap
+Hsi-wan-mu (‘West-Queen-Mother’) Original Breath of the Great Yin f.n. Tzu-jan (‘Spontaneity’); s. C^u:n-ssu (‘Sovereign Thought’) ruling on earth at mt. Kun-lun with its 9-storeyed Metal City; and ruling in heaven at the Purple Chamber of the Flowery Canopy
356-7 1st One Tao-c^u:n (‘Way-Sovereign’), Huan-t>ien S^an-ti (‘Majestic Heaven High-Lord’) = C^un-c^i Pei-c^>en C^un-yan (‘North-Pole Central-Star’) in Ta-yu:an Tzu-fan (‘Great-Abyss Purple-Chamber’) accompanied by T>ien-hun = Lao-tzu; & by T>ien-p>o = Ta-ho (‘Great Harmony’)
357 2nd One = 1st Duke T>ai-wei (‘Grand-Constable’) = Nan-c^i (‘South Pole’) praesiding over calamities, over destiny of the state and of dynasties
3rd One C^un-c^i Huan-lao (‘Central Pole Yellow-Old’) of the Central Bushel [constellation]
2nd Duke Ssu-t>u (‘Director of Multitudes’)
3rd Duke Ssu-k>un (‘Director of Works’)
S^ih-jih S^ih-yu:eh C^ih C^in (‘Sun-eating & Moon-eating Essences’) producing eclipses of sun & of moon
'' Ta-tun C^en-c^in (‘Great-Arcana Genuine-Book’) (= TT 16-17) (listing 39 deities) Great One Kao-s^an Hsu:-huan C^u:n (‘Eminently-Supreme Vacuity-Majestic Sovereign’) beyond the Yi-yu gate (Northwest gate of heaven)
T>ai-huan Yu:-hsu: C^u:n (‘Supreme Majesties Jade-Vacuity Sovereigns’) "the Male and Female principles of the Sovereign One"
Huan-s^an Yu:ti C^u:n (‘Majestically-Supreme Jade-Emperor Sovereign’) possessor of the banner of Mysteriously Supreme, wherewith are convoked the Immortals and the hierarchical degrees in the 9 heavens are regulated in Yu:-c^>in-t>ien (‘Jade-Purity-Heaven’), on terrace having pinelike trees the flowers whereof impart the brilliance of gold of those who eat them
S`an-huan Hsien-s`en Tzu-c^>en C^u:n (‘Supremely Majestic First-Born of the Purple-Aurora Sovereign’) in the Jade-Purity Heaven
357-8 T>ai-wei T>ien-ti C^u:n (‘Great-Tenuity Heavenly-Imperial Sovereign’) behind the Red Jade Gate in the Palace of Purple Tenuity
358 San-yu:an (‘the 3 Originals’) Tzu-c^in C^u:n (‘Purple-Essence Sovereigns’) in the Jade-Purity Heaven
S`an-yu:an T>ai-su San-yu:an C^u:n (‘Great-Simpleness 3-Originals Sovereigns’)
T>ai-c^>in Ta-tao C^u:n (Great-Purity Great-Way Sovereign’) who governeth the kings in the 3 Heavens
Ssu-min (‘Director of Destiny’) in the Palace of Jade Vacuity
C^in-C^>u:eh (‘Gold Portico’)
Tun-hua Fan-c^u-kun Kao-c^>en-s^ih Yu:-pao Hsien-wan (‘eastern-flower moon-palace high-aurora jade-protection immortals’-king’) who praesideth over the palaces of the Immortals

pp. 358-360 the 7 ranks, each divided into 3 parts (central place, and places to the left and to the right), of deities – according to the Tun-hsu:an Lin-pao C^en-lin Wei Yeh-t>u (‘Arcana-Mystery Sacred-Jewel Real-Transcendents Hierarchy-Table’) (= TT 73)

p. rank __ Palace deity in central place
358 1st Jade Purity Lord of the Way of Majestic Vacuity = Caelestial Venerable of the Original Beginning
2nd Supreme Purity Very High Lord of the Great Way = Mysterious Majesty of the Jade Aurora = Eminent Saint of Supreme Purity
3rd Great Summit Imperial Lord of the Golden Portico
4th Great Purity [2 divinities:-] (1) Very High Lao-c^u:n (‘Old Lord’) of Great Purity; (2) Majestic Supreme Lord of the Great Unexcelled Way
5th  ?
358-9 6th [The 9 Palaces] Immortal of the Palace of the Great Summit
359 7th Fen-tu Great Lord of the Northern Yin
359 deities in the place to the left
1st Eminently Supreme Born-of-Chaos Lord of the Way of the 5 Transcendents [5 planets] and the 7 Luminaries [7 stars of the Big Dipper]
2nd Majestic Immortal Mysteriously Supreme
359 deities in the place to the right
1st The 2 "Lords of the Great One": (1) Lord Great One of Jade Heaven; (2) Jade Lord Great One
2nd Lao Tun

pp. 362-363 San-yu:an P>in-c^ieh (‘3-Originals Prohibitions’) by Yen Tun : as summarized in the Lin-pao Wu-lian Tu-jen S`an-p>in Miao-c^in Ssu C^u (TT 38), cap. 2, 1b – concerning the 3 Palaces of the S`an Yu:an (‘Higher Originals’) originating from "the three Breaths, green, yellow, and white" deriving from the Yu:an-c^>i (‘Original Breath’) [p. 364, fn. 112 thr complete title is T>ai s`an T>ai-hsu:an Nu:-c^>in San-yu:an Yi-p>in-c^ieh Pa-tsui Miao-c^in (‘Very-High Great-Mystery Nu:-c^>in 3-Originals Prohibitions Doing-away-with-sins Marvellous-Book’) (= TT 28)]

p. in/at the __ is __ Palace which is the Breath of the Original __ keepeth the register of __ men & women hath the__ C^ih Fu (Charm for __)
362 centre Purple Tenuity (with the 7 Jewels) Green Yen-min (Prolonging Life)
363 left-hand Left (of the Great Absolute) Yellow Perfect C^ao-lin (Summoning back the Spirit)
right-hand Right (of the Great Absolute) White Immortal Min-c^en (Illuminating the Real)
T>ai-hsu:an S`an-fu (‘Great-Mystery Upper-Hall’)
in/at the __ is __-fu (‘__ Judgement-Hall’) for the __-kun (__ Palace) registry '' its director : __-kuan (‘__ Official’)
362 left-hand Tso (Left) S`en (Life) Huo (Fire)
right-hand Yu (Right) Ssu (Death) S^ui (Water)
362-3 centre C^un (Central) Of Sins of Life & Death Fen-tao (‘Wind-Sword’) [cutteth "all the joints at the moment of death" (p. 363, fn. 110) – cf. souls at joints of body, as believed on Borneo]

pp. 368-370 internal mechanism for visions according to C^in-c^>u:eh Ti-c^u:n San-yu:an C^en-yi C^in (‘Golden-Portico Lord of 3-Originals True-Ones Book’), as summarized in YCCC, cap. 50

pp. 368-9 (YCCC 50:11a) successive stages one’s self
p. 368 keeping the One
Essence will spread everywhere
p. 369 The 3 Originals will become visible
The White Breath will be transformed
The Embryo will be born by itself
1,000 chariots & 10,000 horsemen appear
ascend via canopied cloud-chariot to Heaven
p. 369 (YCCC 50:16a-17a) method of keeping the One __ times
Sit facing east
Breathe 9
Swallow saliva 35
Stars of Big Dipper come down upon head:- positions relative to one’s own location
The 2 stars of the Yin-c^in C^en-jen (‘Yin-Essence Perfect-Men’) draw nigh unto the top of the head.
The 2 stars of Yan Min (‘Yan Clarity’) and of Hsu:an Min (‘Mysterious Darkness’) are then above.
The 2 stars of Yan Clarity and of Yin Essence are behind.
Hsu:an-min C^en-jen (‘Mysterious-Darkness Perfect-Man’) is in front.
p. 369-70 emergence, from within, of:-
p. 369 The Venerable Lords of the 3 Ones; and also The 3 Ministers: These 6 all ascent together, towards the east they reach the Gate of Heaven towards the mouth.
S`an-yu:an (‘Higher Original’) with Higher Minister entering mouth, rise to Ni-huan Palace (in brain).
Middle Original with Middle Minister entering mouth, go to the Satin Palace (in chest).
p. 369-70 Lower Original with Lower Minister entering mouth, go to Hsia-tan-t>ien (‘Lower Cinnabar field’).
p. 370 another star
T>ien-kuan hsin (‘Heaven-Gate star’) placeth itself 7 paces in front of mouth.

p. 371 internal peregrination according to the Tzu-yan C^en-jen Nei-c^uan 11a

locating one’s self divine abode
On high The 9 Heavens
In the middle Mt. K>un-lun
Go outside through the Yellow Portico
Come within the Purple Pavilion
Below, together with the other 2 divine Lords, enter the Eastern Chamber (of the brain)
Rule, with majesty, The 3 spaces of an inch (Cinnabar Fields)

pp. 371-372 the divine triad

p. 371 deity p. 372 relative location
Wu-yin-c^u:n (‘Peerless Excellence Lord’) in the middle
Po-yu:an-c^u:n (‘White Original Lord’) to the right
Huan-lao-c^u:n (‘Yellow Old Lord’) to the left

Henry Maspero (translated from the French by Frank A. Kierman, Jr.): Taoism and Chinese Religion. U of MA Pr, Amherst, 1981. pp. 319-372