"Origins and Development of the Taoist Religion"

2 poe:ms, traditionally interpreted as political satires, by C^>u: Yu:an of C^>u

p. '' Li Sao – chariot-ride, wherein Hsi [&] Ho ("Mother and chariot-driver of the sun" – p. 414, fn. 4) pull the reins, while Wan [&] S^u ("Mother and chariot-driver of the moon" – p. 415, fn. 7) run ahead
location in heaven activity by visitor
414 "Hanging Gardens" {cf. "Hanging Gardens" as Wonder of the World} at "Sacred Stone" stay a moment
415 Yen-tzu ("Mountain where the sun sets" – fn. 5) gaze at it
Hsien pool ("Pool where the sun bathes every morning before ascending into the heavens" – fn. 6) water horses at it
Fu-san tree ("is the one by which ... the sun climbs to heaven" – fn. 6) tie chariot to it
Lo tree ("where the sun sets" – fn. 6) cut branch from it "to strike the sun"
'' Yu:an Yu (‘Distant Journey’) – guided by Fen-lun ("god of Thunder" – fn. 11)
C^>an-ho portal ("Gate of Heaven" – fn. 9) entered
T>ai-wei palace collect double yan
Hsu:n-s^ih with the Pure Capital look up it
Non-Action [Wu-wei] transcend
Purity come to
the Great Beginning dawn nigh

{with branch of Lo tree, cf. "golden bough" of Aineas, in Aeneid by Vergilius}

C^uan-tzu (Legge : SACRED BOOKS OF THE EAST, Vol.XXIX. pp. 297-300) -- instruction by master Kuan-c^>en to Huan-ti

p. visitations after intervals
418 after __ Huan-ti went to Kuan-c^>en and inquired concerning __
19 years’ reign "growing of cereals"
3 months’ hermitage how to regulate one’s self so as to last aeternally
promises by Kuan-c^>en to Huan-ti
419 I shall go with thee to __ we shall reach the source of the __
the summit of Great Clarity supreme Yan
the gate of Profound Darkness supreme Yin
departing from Huan-ti, Kuan-c^>en will :-
enter through the Gate of the Infinite
wander in the Fields of the Limitless
mingle his light with that of the Sun and of the Moon
last as long as Heaven and Earth

worship of Huan-Lao

p. date deity worhipped worshippers
428 2nd century Chr.E. Huan-lao-c^u:n Yellow Turbans
2nd century before Chr.E. Huan-lao sire Ko of C^iao-hsi
T>ien-s^u in C^ao
429 1st century Chr.E. emperor Min of the Later Han
Liu Tzu-c^>an, praeceptor of Liu Yin the king of C^>u
Jen Wei the marquis of Le-lin

Henry Maspero (translated from the French by Frank A. Kierman, Jr.): Taoism and Chinese Religion. U. of MA Pr, Amherst, 1981. pp. 413-430.