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Vol. 1, No. 2

pp. 1-20 Stephen Bokenkamp: "Death and Ascent in Ling-pao Taoism."

p. 4 the 3 grades (classes) of Ti-hsia C^u ("Underworld Agents") (years for 3rd class on p. 5)

grade function eligible for advancement in rank after __ years
1st "those dispersed in the minor waystations and hostelries along the subterranean passages which link the great cavern heavens." 140
2nd "comparable to the Irregular Functionaries employed by the officials of district offices in the human world" 40
3rd "in residence at either the Palace of Change and Transference or the Palace of Youthful Incipience"
their breaths control their cloud-souls 12
their white-souls are stored 15
their bones are outfitted with spirit & breath 30
they are as whole as the living 40
they become Transcendent officers 50
they enter K>un-yin Palace 100

p. 6 5th category of underworld-functionary

#s of __
3 Officers = "keepers of registers of life"
7 generations of ancestors of yin-te ("dark virtue")
280 years as "Underworld Agents" before being promoted to the rank of "earthbound Transcendents"

p. 6 foot-bone of corpse deposited with the 3 Officers

__ leave a __ foot-bone
males left
females right

{cf. Damusos (GM 81.r; 160.h)}

pp. 8-9

[burial rite:] charge emanating from Yu:an-s^ih T>ien-tsun ("Prime Origin Heavenly Worthy")

corpse of "the most disciple of unsullied belief" NN.
"in the antechamber of the palace of repose" ..., ... hidden in bodily form with the Earth Guardian"
upon being entrusted by the 5 Transcendents to the Palace of Supreme Darkness,
is to be fed in the East by the "Blue Spirit ... with the purified rays of the Nine Pneuma Dawn Flowers," so that
"The Eastern Marchmount, Mount T'ai is to open its Bureau of the Nine Sygia of Enduring Night to release the cloud-soul[s]" of NN. "bathing, capping, and belting it [as an official]"
whereupon it is to be transferred to "the Southern Palace" in brightness

"in accord with the old canons of the Luminous Perfected ..., the documents of Nu:-ch'ing."


pp. 28-36 Whalen Lai: "Icons amd Iconoclasm: ... Hsi in Taoistic Recall."

Chinese {Hellenic}
p. 30 "Owl" stole "a magical piece of earth from Heaven", and gave it to Hsi {griffon-vulture was at Mt. Kaukasos with Prometheus, who took thence a stone as setting for his ring (GM 133.l)}
p. 28 flood was overcome by Yu, the emanation of Hsi {Prometheus had stolen fiery (i.e., spicy) fennel (anise = licorice) from Heaven (GM 39.g)}
p. 28 huan hun "yellow bear", a "sacrificial animal" {cf. Ainu} {Prometheus was enchained (GM 39.h) by Zeus, whose sinews had been (Cook: Zeus) sewn into a bear-skin.}

[The metaphor is of soup (= flood) being flavored (= overcome) by "heavenly" spice.]


pp. 37-113 Livia Kohn: "The Mother of the Tao."

according to Ge Hon: Biographies of Spirit Immortals

p. 48 Chinese {comparative}
His mother became praegnant with him "when she was touched by a large shooting star. {[rN~in-ma]}
... his mother bore him for 72 years. {cf. Naraka}
At birth he emerged from her left armpit." {[Maronite]}

according to Ge Hon: Book of the Master Who Embraceth Simplicity

p. 58 Chinese {North American Indian} {Christian}
Lao Dan "strode on a white deer, ... and then from a cypress ascended to heaven". {ritual stuffed deer-skin atop tree} {Santa Claus with Rudolph the reindeer}

biography of Lao-jun ("Venerable Lord")

Chinese comparative
p. 66 born in "the Mountains of the Numinous Mirror" [S^into] mirror of +Ama-terasu
p. 67, fn. 15 "ordered Yin Xi to stride on a white elephant" [Skt. hastin, cf. hasta "hand"] +Ama-terasu was grasped by "Strong Hand" god
p. 72 "nine dragons ... spat forth water to bathe the Venerable Lord." [Ajivika] water-squirting elephants (naga "dragon; elephant"} of Gosala Maskarin
p. 74, fn. 24 his father Lin-fei; grandfather Jin-bin; mother is daughter of Yin Xi
p. 77 "On his forehead, he had the protuberance of the sun and the crescent of the moon. [Jaina] Tirthankara-emblem: rhinoceros (2-horned?); or else, angler-fish?
His nose had a double rim, cf. [South African, etc.] bat-god
and his eyes three openings.
His face was adorned with ... a square mouth ... fish-god?
All in all he possess the 72 divine marks and 81 auspicious characteristics".
p. 78 At his birth, "The Seven Primes of the Northern Dipper shone forth vigorously." Cf. Nahus.a being borne on sedan by the 7 r.s.i-stars of Ursa Major

p. 80 the 6 jia (elements, spirit-forces) in the body

spirit-force of __ is the __
wood bones
metal teeth & nails
earth flesh
wind breath
fire body-heat
water body-liquids

the stars

p. 82, fn. 33 "the stars are the essence of all living beings arranged in the sky." (according to the S^uo-wen) ["essence" is, literally, "genital secretions"] {the lord of the stars is Candra, the congealed semen of Atri: it had sexual congress with the star-goddess Tara}
pp. 82-83, fn. 33 "man is said to receive ... in order to be born, ... qi from the stars" (according to the Lun-hen) [qi is, literally, "steam"] {according to the Puran.a-s, the stars originate from heavy water -- cf. also the naks.atra-deha}

p. 83 assembling of the 6 jia, "terribly frightening, indeed."

the 5 __ __ (act upon) the __ (organ) so that __
colors irritate eyen vision is unclear
tones disturb ears hearing is indistinct
flavors excite palate taste is spoilt

cf. Dao-de Jin 12

[i.e., spiritual perceptions are interfered-with by physical sense-perceptions]

__ (pairs of greeds) __ (action) so that __
Accepting and rejecting corrupt the mind it will flutter unsteadily and waver.
Cravings and desires not to be satisfied, the spirit is sure to flow out and dissolve.

p. 84 metaphor of interference by physical sense-perceptions

the 5 __ are like __ __ (interfering with) the __ (organ)
colors a drill jabbing out eyen
tones a hammer blocking up ears
flavors axes cutting up tongue

more metaphor

All __ are __
material goods a fire burning up the body.
these the realm of calamity and misfortune, the source of distress and harm.

pp. 90-91 rewards for earthly performance of good deeds

quantity of good deeds earthly rewards
1 "the mind will be stabilized, the spirit will calm down."
10 "energy and vigor will grow."
100 "one will find treasures and good omens descending upon oneself."
1,000 "one will be reborn with true spirit."
quantity of good deeds heavenly rewards:- one will become (/ secure the position of) ___
2,000 a heavenly attendant
3,000 an official [viz., heavenly]
4,000 the heavenly leader of all religious matters on earth
5,000 a master teacher in Heaven
6,000 a minister in Heaven
7,000 a heavenly feudal lord
8,000 an emperor in Heaven
9,000 the Lord of the 5 Emperors of Primordial Beginning
10,000 the Jade Emperor on High

2,000-8,000 entail subdivisions "with the rank of Sage, Perfected, or Immortal."

p. 91, fn. 49 "27 ranks in the heavenly hierarchy, 9 each of Sage, Perfected, and Immortal."

p. 92 personalities as energies

A person of __ energy is __
pure clever, alert, wise, intelligent
turbid unlucky, harsh, dumb, foolish
hard haughty, strong, vigorous, violent
soft compassionate, benevolent, honest, magnanimous

pp. 92-93 character-types as elements

A character of the __-type tendeth to be __
wood energetic & impulsive
earth benevolent & harmonious
water modest & cautious
fire fierce & violent
metal severe & abrupt

p. 99 the 5 talismans (according to the Scripture of Proper Cinnabar)

Mysterious Blank
Golden Essence
Flying Charm
Golden Flower
"Three Five"

p. 99 the 9 cycles of the cinnabar elixir (according to the Scripture of Proper Cinnabar)

White Snow
Male & Female
White Flower
Golden Fluid
Cinnabar Flower
Five Coloors
Muddy Mercury
Golden Essence
Nine Tripods

[another such list is in Bao-pu-zi 4:6a-7a]

p. 101 ascension by means of elixirs

Those who take the __ will __
9 cinnabar elixirs "be carried up to heaven by cloudy dragons."
golden fluid "radiate a golden light from their bodies and rise towards heaven instantaneously."

p. 101 the 1200 secret formulae from the Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning were transmitted by the Holy Mother Goddess to:

the Great immortal
the God of Heaven
the Lord on High
"Goddesses of Great Tenuity and
of the Great One"

[another list of deities ("who all attained the One and were then ranked among the stars") is in Z^uan-zi 16:6:34]


Vol. 2, No. 1 (June 1990)

pp. 32-53 Li Yuanguo: "Chen Tuan's Concepts of the Great Ultimate."

pp. 40-41 stages in "attaining The Tao through refining the elixir of internal alchemy." (figured on p. 39)

ord.# place activity
1st the Gate of the Primordial Female "where all energy is born"
2nd place of refining of "energy into spirit"
3rd "the five orbs" "fire and water will couple and bring forth the birth spark of a child."
4th the "Great Ultimate" "to return to emptiness"
5th the "Non-Ultimate" fully return


pp. 73-94 Teri Takehiro (tr.): "The Twelve Sleep Exercises of Mount Hua."

p. 74 these purport to be the sleep-exercises of C^en Tuan,

in the chapter entitled C^i-fen Sui ("The Marrow of the Red Phoenix"),

of the Yi-men Guan-du (Broad Archives of the Formless Gate), by Z^ou Lu-jin.

p. 74 This is a description of the 100 days' sleep by C^en Tuan, and
p. 75 are to be praeceded by 36 openings-and-closings of the mouth.

p. 76 animal-like functions

p. to __ like a[n] __
76 circulate energy through the central conduit deer
nourish the inner embryo crane
develop imperceptible inner breathing turtle
80 nurture a pearl dragon
hatch an egg hen
roll an excrement-ball scarab
reject one's children ground-bee
cherish a pearl oyster
nourish one's young rabbit
spit out one's shadow turtle
gaze at the stars rhinoceros

p. 77 numerical functions

the 3 primordials (energy, essence, spirit) return to the One
the 8 conduits (meridians of acupuncture) revert to their source
the 7 treasures will be free from all outflow
the blood the blood will transform into rich grease [jade grease?]

p. 81 time-spans for cultivations of the practice wherein yin & yan copulate in the Yellow Court [thorax]; and the 3 florescences (energy, essence, spirit) merge together in the Primal Orifice [between the eyebrows]

after __ one's own __
100 days breathing will be imperceptible like a turtle's
2 years "body will levitate", and mind "will possess magical powers": the 8 gateways & 7 openings of the head will all open up
3 years self "will fly up to the otherworld and attain the Invisible and Inaudible."

pp. 83-94 the 12 sleep-exercises

p. statement definition meditation result
83 Mao Xuan-han conquereth dragon & tiger dragon = elemental energy within heart; tiger = elemental essence within body contol temper > dragon returneth to water; emotions yield > tiger hideth in mountains Dragon & Tiger come together peaceably; "One's name will be entered in the Registers of Immortals."
84 Qu S^an-fu refineth the Hun & Po (souls) Hun's activity = extracting mercury from cinnabar; Po's activity = extracting gold from water Heaven taketh the sun as its Hun-soul; Earth taketh the moon as its Po-soul "In the sun, search for rabbit marrow. In the moon, collect raven blood."
85 "Hem-clad Adept" harmonizeth & adjusteth true Qi "at the fifth hour of the early morning", make mind & breath concentrate for a long time on the center "A huge, round ball of cinnabar congeals in the tiger-dragon dish."
86 Hu Don-lin circulateth & transfometh Yin-yan body = imitator of Heaven, and patterned after Earth; action = carrying yin & embracing yan "Heaven and Earth establish the foundation." Yin and yan circulate "in accordance with a set rhythm." This, Ge Li-zi knoweth; few people are able to understand.
87 Du Su-z^en's Yin-yan ebbeth & floweth return = yin at its fullest, yan arriveth; meeting = yan at its end, [yin] encroacheth understand the firing, [in terms of] strength & timing "break through Earth and see the truth of Heaven."
88 "Dragonchart" Wan serenely cultivateth timing his alchemic fire fire = yan moving amidst serenity; timing = thunder booming subterraneously Fire originally ariseth from water. Timing beginneth when yan arriveth at Return. Thundercaps uphold the Heavenly Root. The southeasterly wind observeth the new moon's birth.
89 Kan Nan-yan guardeth furnace & cauldron cauldron = heavenly palace of true yan; furnace = earthly palace of true yin cauldron is cast into qian palace; furnace is embraced by kun earth furnace & cauldron "are naturally very stable"
90 Z^an Yi-tan refineth self into Numinous Treasure numinous = 10,000 spirits not disperse; treasure = 1 thought lasteth forever store the Treasure in body, then one hath numinescence able to embrace the congealed & meaningful, one sendeth out great light & brightness
91 Z^an Xuah-xuan penneth-up horse, tieth-up monkey cleansing = scrubbing the mind; bathing = washing-out dust & dirt in order "to subdue the crazy monkey, ... first capture the wild horse" The smallest dust-mote will not pollute. The spirit and qi will collect in the mind.
92 Pen Lan-wen tameth & releaseth the cinnabar hub taming = to enter the Soundless-&-Formless Gate; releasing = to exit the Realm of Distance-&-Delusion The Aeternally Numinous Child hath "spiritual merits whose wonder is unfathomable." release the mind > end the dharma-realm. control it > "increase your store of pearls."
93 Z^an Zi-ran letteth loose the numinous persuasion numinous = awareness of the source, understanding the beginning; persuasion = freely dropping all obstacles See through the face one is born with[al]. "There aren't any Buddhas or Immortals." Utterly empty, reach the source without obstruction. Thus, one transmuteth the ocean into fields.
94 Yu Yi-yan transcendeth life-&-death realization = transcending life-&-death; attainment = realizing the Dao & ascending to Heaven "Only by destroying the Great Mist of the Sense-orifices", can one "know what preceded images and emperors." "Only this is realization and attainment. This is the Galaxy of Grand Network." {aetheric net}

{the definition of the relations of "return" and "meeting" is similar to "impedance" in electronics}

[all these 12 exercises are apparently done during "dreamless sleep" (su-s.upti)]


Vol. 2, No. 2 (November 1990)

pp. 1-22 Livia Kohn: From Ordinary to Immortal Life."

p. 9 absorption of qi: energies of the 5 directions enter one's body

from __ through the __
heaven nose
earth mouth

"These energies are then stored in the five intestines ..."


pp. 87-119 Thomas E. Smith (transl.): "Record of the Ten Continents." (H-Y 598:330; YJQQ 26)

p. 88 followed teacher to:

place-name identity of place
Fu-san fn. 4 "tree of sunrise"
"the Vermillion Mound" fn. 4 at the South Caelestial Pole
"the Serpent Sea" fn. 5 "serpent-like creature or a giant clam" [west?] {giant clam is encountered by Rata voyaging}
"the Hill of Gloomy Night" fn. 5 in the north ?
tumulus of C^un-yan under the Primaeval Blue and among the Moon Palaces [centre?]

pp. 89-90 beyond the "limit" of "the heavenly luminaries", "dignitaries soar to perfection":

in direction they __ place
by the North Caelestial Pole assemble under "the Flowered Canopy" (16-star constellation of Cassiopeia) at "Hooked Array" (6-st. co. of Little Dipper's Handle)
southward soar "to the Supreme Cinnabar"
repose "at Great Summer"
in the east approach clouds of pervasive yan
westward brave "the wilderness of chilly caves"

p. 90 "They cannot be reached by the sun or moon or be matched by the Milky Way. There is nothing covering them above and nothing grounding them below."

the 10 (and more) continents

p. name: -z^ou meaning: __ Continent in __ Sea area (in square li) li from far shore minerology, zoo:logy, denizens
90 Zu- Ancestral Eastern 500 70,000 marshreed-like plant resuscitating those dead for 3 days:
91 fetched thence by crow-like birds to revive the dead; rose-gem
91-92 Yin- Oceanic Eastern 4,000 700,000 wine-like "Sweet Jade Spring" of immortals having customs of Wu
92 Xuan- Mysterious N.W. part of Northern 7,200 360,000 "Wind Mountain"; "Mystery Metropolis" having "many mansions of ... Great Mystery; "golden fungi and jade plants"
93 Yan- Blazing Southern 2,000 90,000 unsingeable-furred wildcat-like "Wind-Suscitated Beasts" of chysanthemum-brain for 500 y.;
94 on "the Fiery Forest Mountain" shine red-&-white the asbestos-furred "the Fiery Radiance Beast"
94-95 C^an- Long S.E. part of Southern 5,000 250,000 trees of 2,000 arm-spans' circumference; "Sweet Fluid, and Jade Flowers"; "Purple Palace, where heavenly perfected beings and immortal maidens sport"
95 Yuan- Primal Northern 3,000 100,000 honey-flavored water of "the Dark Rivulet", bestowing "long life coterminal with heaven and earth."
96 Liu- Flowing Western 3,000 190,000 kun-wu rock smeltable into transparent swords which "cut through jade"
96-97 S^en- Living N.E. part of Eastern 200,500 230,000 "is overlapped by" Pen-lai; "absence of winter and summer"; waters "like sweetened cream."
97 Fen-lin- Phoenixes & Unicorns Western 1,500  ? immortals "who boil phoenix bills and unicorn horns ... and concoct a glue" which "can connect snapped bow-strings and fuse ... the metal of broken knives":
98 "The glue was green".
99-101 Ju-ku- Cowering S.W. part of Western 3,000 240,000 lions, and "beasts with ... bronze heads, and iron foreheads"; "mountains ... in the shape of men and birds"; maple-like fragrant "Soul-Recalling Trees"
106 Can-hai Azure Sea Northern 3,000 200,000 "Eight Petrified Images" (mushroom-shaped), "Petrified Brain" (geodes), "Petrified Cassia Blossom" (branched rock), Petrified Gall;
107 "divine immortals who rat the stones live forever": "mansions of purple stone" for "the Nine Elder Immortals" --
106 there are also islands each 5,000 li wide, surrounding Can-hai
107 Fan-z^an-z^ou Square Measure Eastern 25,000,000  ? "flocks of dragons"; "palaces of gold, jade, and crystal" for "the Arbiter of Fate"; "immortal multitudes who ... receive the living charts of the Great Mystery";
108 "Viziers of the Nine Sources who ... direct the world's water deities"
108 Fu-san Propped Mulberry Green "the Most Exalted Emperor and the Most Perfected Royal Father [of the East, fn. 80]"; mulberry trees 3,000 arm-spans in diameter which make an immortal golden {cf. [Jaina] golden Tirthankara-s};
109 10,000 varieties "of the perfected immortal officials, some of whom are without form, and some divide their forms into" 100 bodies that are each 100 feet tall
109 Pen-qiu / Pen-lai Circular (N.E. across Eastern) [5,000 li in circumference] "the water of the Circular Sea is perffectly black ... With no wind its waves are" 1,000 feet tall: "Only flying immortals can reach the places" of "the Perfected King of the Nine Heavens"
110 Kun-lun / Kun-lin Kun-lun = High and Praecarious (p. 111) W. to N.W. of Western 10,000 130,000 "surrounded by weakwater"; on N.E. "the Well of" Da-huo, on S.W. "the Ravine of " C^en-yuan; it is 36,000 li tall:
111 its top is shaped like a 3-cornered "hanging bowl" {cf. Mt. Tri-kut.i} -- whereof the Lan-fen corner due N. shineth with 1,000 stars; corner due W. Xuan-pu Hall;
1,000 corner due E. Kun-lun Palace, (this last) = "Heavenly Walled City" (having 5 golden terraces & 12 jade towers) = (fn. 97) "Walled City" where "The female immortals take Gold Mother as their leader."
112 (in this city:) "Halls of luminescent green jade; mansions of" (fn. 99) qion-hua ("carnelian florescence"); (fn. 100) phosphorescent 5-colored clouds "of peace"; "candle sun", cf. (fn. 100) "candle flame"; "vermillion clouds with ninefold brilliance", cf. (fn. 101) "Lamp of Ninefold Brilliance" for Royal Mother of the West.
113 10,000-measure handle (crank of windlass, fn. 103, for winding about) cylinder "called the Heavenly Pillar [of bronze 3,000 li in circumference, fn. 104] in the Alabaster City"
116 Mt. Z^on N. of North 7,000 [30,000 li in circumference] 190,000-wide weakwater 13,000 li in altitude; the Caelestial Emperor's "seat of government" -- on same island are 4 named directional spurs of Mt. Z^on (They are 100,000 li taller than Mt. Z^on):
Mt. Pin-xie Levelling Antiquity having cave on its S.E. side; south of Mt. Z^on
Mt. Jiao-lon River Dragons having gate on its northern slope; north of Mt. Z^on
Mt. Jin-cao Unbending Grasses west of Mt. Z^on
Mt. S^u-mu Bundled Wood east of Mt. Z^on

p. 118 maps were bestowed ny Master Gu-xi

directional arrangement by "the Sage on High" (= Fu Xi, p. 114, fn. 105)

p. directional (Trigram) the emplaced
114 Western Culmen "the Mysterious Wind"
Kun (southwest) "the Royal Mother"
"streams and marshes" (Dui) kun-wu rock
"the Green Ford" (= "Green Sea, fn. 109) "propped mulberry"
fire (of the south, fn. 110) "the [Fiery] Radiance Beast" in the Yan[-z^ou}
Kan (north) "sea islands"
115 Gen northeast Mt. Pen
Sun (southeast) "huge trees on" C^an-z^ou
"where dragons congregate" "High winds"
"Fissure Hill" "the numinous talismans" (revelation to "the Recluse of Mount Bu", fn. 115)

p. 115 goddesses issuing commands via messengers

"the Royal Mother and
the Lady of the Superior Prime" (who is, fn. 118, "the manager of the registers of the" 100,000 Jade Maidens in the 3 Heavens)


Vol. 3, No. 1 (July 1991)

pp. 57-72 Stephen Bokenkamp: "The Pi-lo Question."

p. 60 explanation by "the Heavenly-perfected Illustrious One", in the

(Lin-pao scripture) Inner Sounds and Self-generating Jade Graphs of the Various Heavens

*Lak ("shroud") is the spirit who rideth aeternally an airborne chariot of *pyek ("azure") aurora[l cloud]s, roaming the *De^n-s^e^n heaven. Thrice each day he ["her", on p. 61] leadeth the assembled sages of this heaven to audience in the "Palace of the Seven Treasures." "*Byou-lei ... is the inner (secret) name of the King of this heaven" ...
"K'ung ... is the name of the attendant official whose whistle" summoneth "the spirit wind" and collecteth the vapors. This spiritual wind arriveth with the sound the formeth the cavernous strophes of that heaven.

p. 61 according to (the Lin-pao scripture) HY 23, 3b-4a


Of old, during the Lun-han kalpa, when the Perfected Script of Lin-pao came, sages wrote [in it] with purple brushes on leaves of trees of living azurite-gem-trees {cf. the Anthroposophical "mineral-plants" during "Old Sun" & "Old Moon" Earth-metamorphoses }

"As a result, when the wind blew these trees, music would be formed.
Nine-hued birds constantly fed on these leaves and their bodies became patterned as a result. When people obtained the feathers of these birds, they were able to fly and immediately achieved perfection in the Tao." {cf. Daidalos & Ikaros}


pp. 73-82 Whalen Lai: "Review of The Shape of the Turtle".

p. 76 "THE SHANG COSMOS": directional associations

direction associated deity {numerics}
south sun-bird (10 in number, p. 79)
east coiled snake in libation-bowl for water {cf. Pan-gu "coiled antiquity"}


{cf. "Six coils" of "Great Serpent Mound" in Ohio }

west "swastika" (p. 79)-marked tortoise in tripod-bowl for fire-immolation (swastika is 4-branched)
north the dead ["human heads"(p. 81); or (p. 77) "the skulls are buried ... in the northern ..." "Death was identified with a black lord in a realm "where the sun never shines." " (loc cit.)] {cf. 8 death-gods in last section of Codex Borgia}
[? centre] [p. 77 "bottle horn" > "horn, antler"] {for "twelve moons" (p. 79): cf. Lappish deer-antler in moon}

[These associations, dating from the S`an-dynasty, vary from later ones.]


pp. 85-93 Fabrizio Pregadio: "Review of Immortelles de la Chine ancienne."

p. 89 the 3 basic stages of transmutation:

of _ into __ into __ into __
essence (c^in) energy (c^>i) spirit (s^en) emptiness (hsu)

distinct processes for women and for men: 1st stage

p. for __ process meaning
89-90 women "Decapitation of the Red Dragon" "disappearance of menstruums"
90 men "Submitting the White Tiger" control of semen

p. 90 distinct processes for women and for men: "completion of the first stage"

for __ the Pearl of Dew __ thus by means of __
women is already praesent "to avoid the degradation of the Pearl" "collection of the Pearl" "when it is in full brilliance two and a half days before ... the "arrival of the monthly messenger" [= "menstruation"]"
men is not already praesent to bring about "the formation of the Pearl" "repeated circulation of the Essence in a ... Small Heavenly Revolution -- through the Governor and Conception Channels"

p. 90 processes of early phase of 2nd stage

process means
"the Pearl is developed into an Embryo through the union of the adept's Spirit and Energy ...
... exchange of the essences of the Heart and Reins [kidneys]. ... (... the inner Yin line of li ..., the Heart, and the inner Yang line of k'an ..., the Reins) meet halfway during their respective descent and rise, generating the Embryo between the lower and the higher Fields of the Elixir.
... the adept restores the trigrams ch'ien ... and k'un ... to their "before-Heaven" positions, due north and south respectively, thus ... of Return to the Original State."

p.90 [middle phase of] 2nd stage

process method
"Once generated, the Embryo is nourished through ... Embryonic Breathing ..., which circulates the inner breath through the five viscera; this is the ... Great Heavenly Revolution."

p. 90 different emphases in practice for women and for men

emphasis for men emphasis for women
to generate the Embryo "inner breathing"

[completion of the] 2nd stage

'' process (p. 90) '' explanation (pp. 90-91)
"After ten months[' gestation] ..., the Immortal Embryo is moved to the higher Field of the Elixir. Energy ... transmuted into Spirit, a Spirit with Yin qualities (yin-shen)"

p. 91 "transmutation of yin-shen into yang-shen ..., or Yang-Spirit": the 4 phases "of the third and final stage" (for a woman)

# phase explanation
1st "Delivery from the Womb, is the actual birth of the Immortal Child.
2nd Breast-Feeding for Three Years, the Child is taught how to exit through the Heavenly Gate (... the sinciput)."
3rd "Facing the Wall for Nine Years." "the Child undergoes further instruction on how to blend his Light with emptiness"
4th "Finally the Child, the refined and pure Yang Spirit of the adept, rises to Emptiness."


Vol. 3, No. 2 (May 1992)

pp. 1-16 Wu Yu;qing: The Idea of Zhuangzi's "Music of Heaven"".

p. 4 "Knowledge Wandering North" chapter

__ have __, but do not __
Heaven & Earth "great beauty" speak;
the 4 seasons "their clear[ly]-marked regularity" discuss.
The 10,000 things "principles of growth" expound.

p. 4 "Knowledge Wandering North" chapter

__ seek out __ the __ doth not __
sages "the beauties of Heaven and earth" Great Sage move
masters "the principles of the ten thousand things." Perfect Man act

p. 5 "Turning of Heaven" chapter: the 3 stages or realms "of the music of Heaven"

1st "No tail at its end, no head at its origin {cf. "go before them and you can see no front, go after them and you can see no rear" -- Dao De Jin}, now dying, now living ...
2nd In the valley, ... the spirits {cf. "the Spirit of the Valley" -- -- Dao De Jin}, ... people can "contemplate is but cannot know it ... gaze at it but cannot see it ... pursue it but cannot reach it." ...
3rd There is music but nothing taking form. {cf. [Bauddha] A-rupa Loka} ... Some call it death; some call it life."


pp. 17-46 Masayoshi Kobayashi: "The Celestial Masters under the Eastern Jin and Liu-Song Dynasties."

p. 34 intiations: methods & their corresponding vestures

method text received by the initiate vestures worn
outer the Register of the 150 Generals "yellow cap and gown"
inner (esoteric) the True Script of Spontaneous Ascension to the Mystery "purple gown" etc.

doctrines, books, denominations

# of heavens practices book praesiding deity denomination
6 daemon-worship & bloody sacrifices (p. 26)
3 [total: 9 -- p. 35] "method of red and yellow" (p. 27) the Yellow Book (p. 28) the "Highest Venerable Lord" (p. 26) Caelestial Masters
'' S^en-xuan Z^en-wen (Spontaneous Ascension True Script) Lin-bao ("Numinous Treasure")
'' S^an-qin Da-don (Highest Clarity Great Cavern) S^an-qin (Highest Clarity)



GM = Robert Graves: The Greek Myths. 1955.